What Does It Mean To Be A Pacesetter?

Websters defines a pacesetter as:  a person, group, or organization that is the most progressive or successful and serves as a model to be imitated.  The Apostle Paul makes a profound statement in “1 Cor. 11:1- Follow me as I follow Christ.” As a Pacesetter we recognize that setting the Pace in our families, children, community, and workplace is important.  As a Pacesetter we make a conscious choice and effort get out front and lead.  In early November Pastor Brad shared a “next level” vision for Life Church. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PACESETTER VISION SUNDAY

Stay Up To Date With Our Pacesetter Giving Campaign

December 10th- Life Church Family Pledge Sunday
We believe this is going to be a great day of celebration.  As our church family gathers together, we will each have an opportunity to submit our Pacesetter pledge card.  On this day we believe the future PACE of Life Church will be set and established by men and women who decide to run with the baton for the next generation.

December 4th- Hartselle BZA Approves LIfe Church Hartselle Building plan.
December 6th- Hartselle CBD Approves LIfe Church Hartselle Design plan.
December 10th- Life Church pledge Sunday.

Here’s What the Future Looks Like