Leadership Team

Here are the people who work above and beyond their 9-to-5s to lead the way at Life Church Cullman.

Chris Pettit

Campus Pastor
Chris has a passion to help people pursue God and pursue the lost at all cost. Outside of serving at Life Church Cullman, he also works for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation teaching people with disabilities how to drive.

Barry & Melinda Camper

Associate Campus Pastor
Barry is who we consider our “Father Figure” on our team. He helps bring that older voice of wisdom to the young energy our Church has.

Cory & Katie McClendon

Youth Pastor
Cory helps us build a Sunday Morning Worship Experience that is relevant to both high schools and senior adults.

Kenny & Julie Bishop

Children’s Pastors

Heather Wallace

Worship Pastor

Colin Riddle

Worship Leader

Heath & Danielle Taylor

Frontline Coordinators

Brian & Shonni Hedgecock

Small Group Coordinators